MonthJuly 2014

New Michael Morton Law for Texas in favor of Justice

This is a great article regarding a new law in Texas that allows Texas to hold prosecutors (or other law enforcement officers) responsible for withholding evidence. In Michael Morton’s case, evidence that would have found him innocent. Instead he spent over 25 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. This bill has been named in his honor.

Toyota Wrongful Death Lawsuit later this year in Minneapolis

Below is a picture of Koua, his wife, Panghoua and myself when Koua spoke at a benefit for Minnesota Innocence Project. The only thing Koua and his wife ever asked for was for people to pray for the Adams and Trice families who lost their loved ones. The Adams and Trice families have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Toyota which will be held later this year in Minneapolis Federal Court. This case is separate from the other Toyota lawsuits since this involves a 1996 Toyota which was not covered in previous recalls for sudden unintended acceleration. Stay tuned.
Koua Panghoua and myself

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