First time Toyota is being sued for the mechanical throttle in their 1996 Camry. American Family Insurance is one of the parties suing. Pre trial motions are being heard on January 6th before The Honorable Judge Ann Montgomery at the Minneapolis Federal Courthouse. Jury selection will begin on January 7th and the trial is expected to start on January 8th.

It is not right that a consumer is blamed for a defective design or part. Let’s not forget that 44 people came forward who signed affidavits stating they experienced the same sudden unintended acceleration with complete loss of brakes after Koua Fong Lee was sentenced to eight years in prison. I heard eleven of their testimonies myself. If a baby died due to a defective crib, would the parents be blamed? or the manufacturer of the crib? Why does Toyota still blame the driver/s?

A floor mat issue? Really?  Who would design a floor mat that would cause such an event anyway.

Our own Attorney General filed CRIMINAL charges against Toyota, and instead of prosecuting, agreed to a $1.2 billion dollar settlement. That means there was proof of criminal activity by Toyota.

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Toyota lawsuit. I will be attending it.