This week and last week I heard a lot of testimony about Koua’s ’96 Toyota Camry increasing speed vs. holding a steady speed when the throttle is stuck. Toyota claimed in court that if a vehicle has a stuck throttle, the speed limit of the vehicle should stay the same. Toyota claimed this week that Koua must have been stepping on the accelerator pedal since the speed of his car increased on the exit ramp.  Well Andrew Irwin explained that one very well.

Andrew was asked by Bob Hilliard, “does a vehicle always maintain the same speed when the throttle is stuck?” Andrew said, “no, it depends on the terrain and whether the car is going uphill, downhill, or staying on flat surface”. Well the exit ramp that Koua took has an incline like many exit ramps do, so when his car began going uphill, the acceleration increased in order to try and maintain the same speed. The last portion of the exit ramp Koua was on flattens out and that is when his car sped up because it was still trying to accelerate at a faster speed. Makes sense to me.

It’s very sad to see the media not telling the whole story. I am here to tell the whole story because it is wrong for Toyota to blame this man for the accident when it has already been proven in court where the defect lies in the Accelerator Control System. You can’t put a plastic pulley up against a metal bracket when that metal bracket is just inches from the exhaust manifold. The bracket is going to heat up at some point and since Toyota didn’t put anything in between the bracket and the pulley, the pulley eventually heats up and sticks to the metal bracket once the bracket is hot.