I will post more details about what’s been happening in the court room this last week.

It’s interesting how a consumer could be blamed for a design defect. I don’t agree with that and there needs to be more protection for consumers in my opinion.

This week Steven MacClean from Exponent took the stand as a witness for Toyota. He made some claims regarding the heat durability tests of the nylon 6/6 resin used to make the plastic pulleys Toyota has in their ’96 Camry. But after his testimony, Bob Hilliard cross examined him. Bob asked MacClean if he was aware that Exponent was the company who testified that the amounts of asbestos fibers released from handling brake shoes (used in older drum brakes) and pads (used in newer disc brakes) either were harmless or in insufficient quantities to cause disease. Of course, it was proven later that asbestos caused mesothelioma and tens of thousands have died from exposure to asbestos. Yet Exponent had claimed the material was safe.

Bob then asked MacClean if he was aware that Exponent had done testing of MVBT contaminant found in drinking water that Exponent had claimed was safe. The contaminant was later found to be very dangerous and cancer causing. MacClean said he was not aware of that.

Bob asked MacClean if he was aware that Exponent was the company who conducted the Ford crush tests which later turned out to be inaccurate.

Bob asked MacClean if it would surprise him to learn that Toyota alone had paid a total of $42,906,000 to Exponent for testing services over a period of time. From 2003 to 2009 it was 9 million and then a sudden spike in 2009 and 2011 that equals a total of $31 million. Quite a spike/payment in just two years. I can’t help but wonder if Exponent feels a sense of loyalty to Toyota and wondered if one could even trust what they say.