When Justice Isn’t Justice:

I attended most of this trial There’s one thing this jury didn’t understand (in my opinion). Toyota lawyers had put an expert on the stand who testified that the impact of the crash could have caused the brake pedal to be pushed forward causing the brake light to come on. That’s their theory as to why the brake lights were on at the time of impact. Well there’s an obvious point here to completely put that theory to rest.

If indeed it was the impact of the crash that caused the brake lights to come on, then why didn’t the RIGHT brake bulb filament have the same severity of droop in it. Simple, it’s because the left brake bulb filament was affected and became severely deformed when Koua first hit his brakes – that was when he had to swerve between the first two cars he came upon on the exit ramp (side swiping the Solera with the left side of his car). THAT is when the left brake bulb filament became so deformed. That’s also when Koua lost all vacuum assist in his brakes – he had no vacuum assist to help him stop his car for the next collision with the Oldsmobile. That’s why there is such a different look to the right and left brake bulb filament,