6 seconds………..what can you do in 6 seconds? Could you put on your shoe and tie it? Could you take out your wallet/billfold and place your drivers license in my hand? Could you open a bandaid and apply it? Could you make a phone call from where your phone is right now? I don’t think any of those things can be done in 6 seconds. You think someone could stop a car speeding out of control with a stuck open throttle and almost no brakes because all vacuum pressure depleted? I don’t think so.

Was that jury not paying attention or what? 6 seconds and 550 ft was all the time Koua Fong Lee had to try and stop that 1996 Camry – and first he had to swerve between two cars – that’s when he first hit his brakes and lost all vacuum pressure in his brake vacuum assist system. He had almost no brakes left when he came upon the Oldsmobile stopped at the red light at the stop of the exit ramp. He did however, find time to quickly move from the far left lane to the center lane, then from the center lane to the far right lane. He tried to get off the exit ramp and avoid the Oldsmobile in the far right lane, but he simply didn’t have enough time or enough distance.