This is what Toyota is asking AFTER being found guilty of a design defect in the 1996 Camry. Really Toyota? You object to being asked to pay $10.9 million to the family who lost their loved ones and those who suffered as a result of this accident when your defect was the cause of the accident? Well I object that you never tested the accelerator control system after switching to these plastic pulleys, and I object to how little you care about the safety of your drivers and passengers.

Actually Toyota, you are the ones who should reimburse the insurance company for funeral expenses and medical expenses for the victims, not the victims themselves. Being found 60% negligent for this accident means your defect was the main or biggest cause of the accident. Seems pretty clear to me.

I made a few comments on the article posted below. I’m guessing this is Toyota’s answer to Bob Hilliard’s recent filing asking Toyota to pay pre trial and post trial interest on the money which was awarded to Koua Fong Lee as a result of his accident while driving this deadly weapon. This interest will continue to accumulate until Toyota makes payment to Koua.

It is close to impossible to stop a vehicle that has ABS brakes while the throttle is stuck open. ABS brakes were not designed to work with a stuck open throttle – ask any expert in the field. Brakes need to be wired separate so that when there is a fail in the acceleration or cruise control, there won’t also be a fail in the brakes. As of right now, the brakes are wired in the same unit as the accelerator cable and the cruise control. That’s not good. As explained in my book, if an elevator fails and starts falling, you can push the stop button to make the elevator stop – that’s because the stop button is wired separately. So even if there’s a fail in the elevator system/wiring, the stop button will not be affected by that fail. Not so with ABS brakes, they are not wired separately. If you want to learn more info about this, you can visit

Here’s the article I’m referring to: