“A truly inspiring story how one person CAN and DID make a difference for a total stranger just because it was the right thing to do.” – Erika Applebaum, Executive Director, Minnesota Innocence Project.

“Trudy’s actions and ability to catalyze change led to the redemption of more than one man.  This story is about what happens when we reach out and help one another. Trudy’s story makes me want to be a better person every single day and to give a voice to those who have been silenced.” – – Kathleen Crandall, Personal Brand Strategist, Co-Owner of Meaningful Connections.

“Make sure you’re sitting somewhere comfy when you read this book because you won’t want to stop.  This book is so very captivating!  It will capture your heart way before the book is over.”  Elisa Gray

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading: A Road to Freedom.  Trudy’s Journey of advocating for the rights of another when clearly the system should have worked but failed.  I was touched and moved as she reflects on her life’s experiences and demonstrates genuine care, concern and compassion to help those that could not.  I am sure you will take something from this book and actually can and will apply to your personal growth.  I enjoyed this book so much, I ordered extras for friends. ”  – Lee Huggett

“Before I start a book, I take out a dollar bill to use as a bookmark (an old habit).  Well…I never used the dollar bill.  The Book was more than I ever expected.  The way you told your stories Trudy was so insightful.  I would put the book down for a minute to think about how you incorporated everything – it was refreshing. Things happen for a reason, we never know why – they just do.  Thanks for Sharing your Story.”  – Bonney Lofgren

“What an amazing story about one women’s drive to help a complete stranger! She took the first step on an unknown journey and inspired many others to help fight for the same cause- freeing an innocent man. Such an inspiration!” – Melissa Merwin

“This may seem like a book about two unrealted stories at first. but the last line brings it all together. I choose the steering wheel! beautiful message.” – Sara Bocklund

“There were numerous points while reading sections that brought tears to my eyes. Not only did the author step out of her norm to help a complete stranger, she also wrote about some personal matters that helped shape her into the incredible Christian she is today.” – Michele B.

“This is a fascinating, riveting book. I started it the afternoon I got it and finished it in one sitting. I could not put it down. It is amazing to me how strong and determined Trudy was. This was a heart wrenching, miraculous book. Great job writing and telling a story that should have never happened in the first place. To hear this story makes me believe in humanity again. Thank you so much Trudy for writing this for us to read.” – Sandi Holm

“Highly recommended reading – who knows, it might change your life. I read this book in one sitting late at night, because the story just flowed out of the pages into my mind – and it did not seem right to stop! Reading this book made me feel that everyone has a path that has been mapped out for them, we just don’t know what it is yet. Some people have to undergo suffering to realize it, others have to re-live past suffering…and many might go along on their path without realizing it. So what this book has done for me is to make me think and marvel at how much we are all connected somehow.” – Kannan Seshadri

“This book tells the true story of a person who was wrongly convicted of a crime that even when more evidence was later presented was kept from true justice without the help of a person who did not know the person but cared.  If you wonder if you could make a difference in the world, this book shows that you can. If you like memoirs, you will like this book.”  Eva P. Scott

Excellent read; I completed it in less than three hours.  It is almost impossible to put down. The book discusses the author’s background, a case of a man wrongfully sent to prison because his 96′ Toyota Camry failed, and why the author decided to help Koua Fong Lee, the Toyota Prisoner. The book leaves you shaken, disillusioned, but more important – encouraged and inspired. It is a story of justice in a system often stricken with terrible corruption and injustice.  I highly recommend this book. It is definitely a five star book. Garry Howard

I’ve know the author since we were little kids, we grew up together and then apart as we went in different directions, yet we’re still friends. When I first heard about what she was doing I was impressed with her compassion for a person I thought she knew. When I found out that she didn’t even know him it truly amazed me. Seeing the story on the news and now reading the book really inspires me. This was a quick read that I couldn’t put down. Clearly, this story isn’t over yet…….and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Toyota and all of the victim families. Patti Matz